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Welcome to BSPC
Next to outstanding healthcare we consider patient’s safety at least as an even important issue. Private clinics are generally not bounded by rules nor inspected on hygiene and patient’s safety.

Our patients expect us to make all the efforts necessary that guarantee their safety but it’s not easy to find out if a clinic really is doing all these efforts for real.
Who are we
The Belgian Society for Private Clinics has been created to inform patients about their right to safety. For private clinics we offer a supporting and inquiring platform where everyone participates by learning, approving and persisting.
Our goal
The media often exposes private clinics in a negative way. Even though in our surrounding countries the definition of a private clinic is well established and known. Hence there are no rules in Belgium when it comes to practicing a private clinic and also no clear definition, private clinics are booming. Unfortunately not all those so named “clinics” take in consideration patient’s safety as their top priority. Sometimes treatments are being executed without respecting essential safety standards or precautions and therefore exposing patients to higher risks.

The Belgian Society for Private Clinics guarantees that those “players” who introduce themselves as “clinic” meet the safety and hygiene standards as dictated by the BSPC. Only those who invest in training, quality, safety and infrastructure are the name “clinic” worthy.

In cooperation with experts the BSPC has created “the BSPC safety mark”. This safety mark contains the most essential criteria in which a clinic has to qualify. The term “private clinic” can only be associated with positive experiences if we claim severe criteria. Patients will understand that investing in their safety justifies the demanded rates.

The Belgian Society for Private Clinics will never stop promoting quality healthcare in a safe environment cause safety is a basic right!
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